How to decorate a wall with pictures?

Interior design is an activity that cannot be underestimated. 

Paintings, graphics and photos that go to the wall seem to be an inconspicuous addition to the whole, but they often determine how we will ultimately perceive a given place.

We often experience how important details are when decorating an interior when we start hanging paintings. Some people are nonchalant, treating wall decorations only as accessories. This is a mistake.

Poorly chosen and hanged can spoil the overall effect of what we've been working on. There can be many reasons for a mismatch: from incompatible styles to hanging photos and pictures in the wrong place or at the wrong height, to the wrong size.


Selection of paintings and graphics for the interior.

Colour photos bring a kind of disorder and enrich the interior at the same time. On the other hand, poorly chosen colour photos can look bad in any layout. For this reason, when creating a wall with photos, you should choose photos with one predominant colour or several, but matching each other, so that they do not create an unfavourable contrast.

Paletton is a useful tool for creating colour combinations that work together well. 


How to arrange pictures on the wall?

Choosing decorations that we like and that match the style of the interior is half the battle. Before you grab that nail and hammer, you have to decide where you’ll hang the picture on the wall and if you need more than one. Here is an easy equation that’ll keep your room and artwork balanced.


As a representative wall decoration, they usually go where they are visible - above the sofa or the wall by the stairs.

The image must not be obscured or overwhelmed by other elements and if it is hung over a specific piece of furniture or fireplace, it should be placed at an appropriate distance from it.


In case of difficulties with finding a place, you can consider a slight change in the interior arrangement. The decorations are hung symmetrically with the furniture, at eye level.

If it is one painting, its centre should correspond to the centre of the piece of furniture over which it is hung and not extend beyond its boundaries. Thanks to this, the picture and the piece of furniture form one composition.

The size of the picture must correspond to the free space we have - this is one of the most obvious rules for hanging pictures. We will not hang a large reproduction on a small wall, but a tiny photo will also look unfavourable on it.

It is good to find a balance, and bear in mind that the shape of the painting also matters. A narrow wall with a vertical profile will require a picture of similar size, or possibly several smaller photos hung one above the other. If we have a lot of hanging space, you can think about composing a set of pictures.

When we are not sure how the frames will look as a whole, we can designate places on the wall where we want to hang photos and stick pieces of brown paper in them. In this way, we will make a simple visualization and find out if our idea for arranging frames on the wall is worth implementing.


Where is the best place to hang photos and how to highlight them

The traditional room for the wall with photos is, of course, the living room. In it, it is worth hanging more representative photographs that will not surprise our guests. Here we can be more creative because depending on the style in which our home is decorated, we can use various ideas for photos at home.

Whether they will be traditional frames or collage it's up to you. Photos in the living room can be highlighted with the right lighting. You can attach Spotlights that will be aimed at the frames or, for example, stick an LED strip nearby that will illuminate a beautiful collage above the sofa.

Where else and how to put photos on the wall? 

Decorations of this type also often appear in the hall and on the stairs. Passageways are difficult to arrange, which is why a family photo gallery seems to be one of the best solutions here. In the case of stairs, remember to arrange the frames on the wall inclined - a large collage with a preserved level will look unnatural.



The most individual photo decorations will be in the bedroom and children's room, as these are intimate areas, which are usually not accessible to guests. In this case, we do not have to worry about consistency and we can devote ourselves to our creativity.

You have to remember that this is only a helpful guide and not laws that you have to follow.  You should use your eye to judge where to hang your painting. At the end of the day, you are the one that will be living there.


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