How to flatten photo prints?

An easy solution to prepare your prints for framing. 


After hours if not days or even months spent on the quest of finding your perfect artwork, you have made the decision. You know exactly the spot on the wall that it will fit perfectly, behind the sofa a little bit to the left side. You pressed that buy button, all there is for you to do is to sit down relax and wait for your piece of art to arrive. A week or two later, it's here!

You open the cardboard tube and you meet in person for the first time. It's a special moment. You're getting excited, starting to feel butterflies in your stomach and... when everything was going so perfectly according to the plan you realize that... there is a problem. It's rolled like a dried leaf. And you don't have any idea how to harmlessly uncurl this precious piece of art without damaging it. A thing so simple that you have never even thought about it for a second. 


Well... fear no more, this detailed step by step guide will help ease your concerns.


  1. First of all, before you start, make sure your hands and the surface area you’re working on are clean. Any dirt on your fingertips can blemish your artwork. 
  2. When handling your print only touch the edges keep your fingers away from the main part of the image!
  3. Usually, high-quality prints come rolled with thicker paper on the outside and smoother to protect the image-side print.
  4. Take it out and carefully place your photograph on a thick piece of paper.
  5. Now the image side of the print cover with a layer of smooth paper, so it looks like a sandwich (paper/print/paper).
  6. You will gently uncurl the print by rolling it in the opposite direction to which it is curled to create a tube with thicker paper on the outside.
  7. Rolled print with paper layers on both sides put back in the tube that your print was shipped or use tape or rubber band and leave it like that overnight.
  8. Remove the print from the tube and unroll it.
  9. If your printer still isn't flat. With a sheet of smooth paper still covering the print’s image, place a few, smooth, flat, heavy objects (such as books) on the ends and middle of the print. Let it sit for a couple more hours. 

And that’s it! Your Print is now ready for hanging or framing.

If you intend to have it professionally framed, you don’t need to do anything else. Delivering your print to the framer in its original shipping tube is the safest way to go.


Never use iron, steam or moisture.

To try and flatten your photography print ;-)

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